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With a growing reputation and a creative attitude that has led to some of the most exciting designs in recent years, Lacoste L!ve has become incredibly well versed in flying the flag for the brand with the infamous crocodile logo

With the mission of taking the timeless Lacoste look and giving it a contemporary edge, Lacoste L!ve has surpassed any expectations, creating styles that are unrivalled in modern fashion, and giving the Lacoste label a whole new edge of trend driven, unique design with its own incredibly strong identity.

This success has caught the attention of some of the world’s most industrious designers. With Lacoste L!ve having such a slick international appeal, it offers the perfect canvas for niche creatives to apply their own forward thinking designs, which all share the same interests of the Lacoste L!ve brand; to be different, to grab attention, and to create change.

Take a look at some of the latest collaboration work that Lacoste L!ve has undergone for the coming summer, with influences coming from all over the globe. The diversity in cultural inputs is palpable; creating a range that is truly unique in modern fashion, as it blends the natural flair and direction of each artist with Lacoste L!ve’s own penchant for iconic design.


Lacoste L!ve Encrier TH8992 printed T-shirt

As a young artist, Honet was obsessed with Graffiti. At just 15 he discovered the baron nature of street art- transforming the drab into the dazzling. Whilst the Graffiti scene was still a seed in the mind of many Parisian based creatives, Honet nurtured it, soon becoming a go to reference for aspiring street artists in the French capital. The turn of the century saw him swap his spray can for a paint brush, as he began to display his artistry on canvas rather than concrete- spreading word of the inspiration he gained from the physical abandonment of places he visited through his art.


Lacoste L!ve Blanc TH9545 T-Shirt

A man of huge talent and creative direction in a diverse range of genres, SO-ME is first and foremost an artist. Renowned in every corner of the globe for his individual drawings, which offer an eclectic mix of hip-hop references, retro fonts and typical clichés, SO-ME embodies the melting pot of influences that is modern creation. Having directed music videos for the likes of Kanye West, Justic, MGMT and Major Lazer, SO-ME is one of France’s ultimate imaginative super powers.

Jiro Bevis

Lacoste L!ve TH8891 Argent Printed Tee

Drawn to repel, to shock and to ultimately be respected for its sheer freshness, artistry by Jiro Bevis is a truly unique endeavour. Straying far and wide from the realms of conformity, any design by Jiro Bevis has an undoubted air of rebellion about it. Finding a fascination with anything that can change popular thought, or create split opinion, the work of Jiro Bevis is both unique, and well and truly sought after.

Stevie Gee

Lacoste L!ve TH8997 Marine T-Shirt

Possibly the living definition of the modern day ‘cool guy’ Stevie Gee currently lives in London, designing and drawing for the music, fashion, surf, skate and motorcycle industries. Having spent most of his life on the road drawing inspirations from every corner of the globe, Stevie Gee is the epitome of modern day versatility, creating with no restriction or limit.

Jun Oson

Lacoste L!ve Multi White T-Shirt TH8993

Born in 1979 in Aichi, Japan, Jun Oson is one of Japan’s biggest creatives. After working with a design company following graduation from University, Oson began work as an illustrator. His influences are obvious, drawing on homegrown culture, and international expectation to create drawings, animations and media that is intimately relatable on a whole host of levels.

Mothi Limbu

Lacoste L!ve White Multi T-Shirt TH9644

With a career, and an upbringing which is both surrounded by and thrives upon physical miss matches, Mothi Limbu draws his creative genius from the disorderly, the absurd, and the new. Based in Marseille, Mothi Limbu is an enigma. Believing in the act rather than the praise, he creates for his own personal enjoyment, sharing his talent with others for their gratification, over any praise he could gain from media limelight.

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