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Sustainable Luxury from Sandbanks

30th May 2024 by B.Burrows

Sandbanks are best represented by their self-declared mantra: "Sustainable Luxury". The principle of the brand is taking the luxury in construction and design you would expect from any high fashion brand while maintaining a commitment to sustainability on every step of each item's journey, all the way from the initial manufacturing stages to its place in your wardrobe. Founded in 2019, the brand's carbon offsetting program has so far removed 682 tonnes of CO2 from the environment.

With Sandbanks' main priority being sustainability above all else, the brand have also made a commitment that they will only produce a product if it is possible to do so in an environmentally conscious way, ensuring that as little damage as possible is caused to the planet as possible during the manufacturing stage. Covering everything from accessories to heavyweight winter jackets, Sandbanks have made sure that all materials and components have been sourced from equally conscious organisations; The nylon used is supplied by ECONYL® and is made from regenerated plastics from the ocean. Their fleece and shearling materials are made entirely from recycled fabrics.


Through this continued commitment to climate action while maintaining the high standards associated with similarly placed brands, Sandbanks have positioned themselves at the forefront of contemporary luxury clothing for the modern consumer who can now invest in premium clothing while remaining guilt-free about its potential impact. Simple, stylish designs permeate through every new collection released creating truly timeless garments that are not only built to last but that the wearer will want to last.

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