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Brand Focus: Holland Cooper

30th May 2024 by B.Burrows

From the humble beginnings of 30 tweed miniskirts sold at Badminton Horse Trials in 2008, Holland Cooper has focused since the beginning on fashion that is both contemporary and classic at the same time with each collection certain to withstand any changing of trends. This approach has earned the brand a devoted customer base that branches across celebrity and even royalty.

Bringing together heritage fabrics and aesthetics meticulously crafted in Britain with contemporary fits has become the hallmark of each Holland Cooper collection, creating pieces that are perfectly suited to any wardrobe lacking in lifestyle clothing rather than high fashion. The rural background of the brand and its founder are represented with each release, updating traditional appearances with modern detailing and manufacturing techniques in order to prioritise wearability.

The iconic tailored tweed collection from the Holland Cooper remains proudly hand-cut and manufactured in the UK as a result of their commitment to championing British craftsmanship and the manufacturing industry as a whole. With a reputation for heritage looks, timeless style and exceptional construction, this is a brand that's certain to continue on an upward trajectory for years to come.

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