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Gramicci: Durable Streetwear since 1982

22nd May 2024 by B.Burrows

Founded in a Californian garage in the 1980's with a focus on filling the need for true climbing clothes, Gramicci have continued to design clothes for life's adventurers. While the initial release focused on a single pair of shorts that had been modified for mountaineering, each collection since has produced innovative advancements in technical wear, not just for those looking to push their own limits but also those looking for affordable and practical clothing.

By the beginning of the 1990's, the core Gramicci demographic had shifted from those purely interested in outdoor exploration to a contingent made up of skaters, surfers and artists which brought the brand to streetwear prominence, where it has remained ever since thanks to its commitment to using a unique array of fabrics, designs and colours throughout each of their collections.

Gramicci have since relocated their headquarters to Tokyo, bringing with them a unique perspective on the future of outerwear, streetwear and workwear along with the technical mastery that has allowed the brand to continually craft durable and flexible additions for any wardrobe season after season. Despite a constant look to the future, the brand has never forgotten their roots and continues to prioritise a more laid-back aesthetic.

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