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The Return of Aquascutum

14th March 2024 by B.Burrows

Founded in 1851, Aquascutum (Latin for "water shield") was established with functionality at the core of every collection and every garment. Only two years later, their creator John Emary patented the first waterproof fabric which would become the cornerstone of the brand thereafter.

Aquascutum have kept their initial principles at the heart of the brand even in the present day, with much of the collection being dedicated to luxurious outerwear crafted from fabrics at the forefront of textile innovation. Advances in technology allow the brand to exceed technical limitations of the past while remaining true to the brand's iconic style.

Combining modern advances with style and motivations that have remained with Aquascutum since 1851 has left the brand perfectly positioned to lead British outerwear into a new generation without deviation from the foundations that have made the brand an essential part of any wardrobe for 173 years.

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