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Timeless Heritage in a New Season with Barbour

14th February 2024 by B.Burrows

The last word in rugged countrywear since their founding in 1894, Barbour prove with each passing season that some items never go out of style. The brand's iconic outerwear collections consistently aim to improve on the foundations of durability, sustainability and versatility with a look that's as recognisable as the name. Remaining headquartered in the North East, Barbour has stayed proudly British and true to its roots.

Throughout the years, Barbour have managed to iterate on and consistently improve their most well-known designs without losing their character, ensuring a stylish appearance for years to come regardless of which item takes your fancy. Far from sticking to outerwear, Barbour have further branched out into casual fashion and more exclusive designs through both their International and Steve McQueen collections to expand your wardrobe and bring the ideas of the brand to a new audience.

Bringing a new twist to traditional styles for a new generation is what has kept Barbour as a primary choice of outerwear ever since their founding and the brand will remain one of the most recognisable in the country for seasons to come. Don't miss out on what they have to offer this season.


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