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Since their initial founding in 1994, Maharishi have continuously evolved the idea of utilitarian clothing and with it, their own iconic style. With a name derived from the Sanskrit for "guru", the brand have established themselves at the centre of a blend of Eastern and Western styles that explore boundaries with every collection released and we're happy to showcase their latest range for Spring / Summer 2024.


Maharishi Image


Maharishi strive to maintain their own high standards with every release, ensuring that not only are the latest technological advancements utilised throughout their garments but also that they are crafted with utmost sensitivity towards the planet. By selecting from a range of recycled and environmentally-friendly fabrics including vintage military surplus to create each item, the brand ensures minimal harm from production and reclaims the materials as symbols of peace and regeneration.



A dualistic approach to fashion and unique interpretation of the world around them has led Maharishi to the forefront of artistic, utility-focused design. Through the retrieval of elements from purely functional clothing to create outfits much more pacifistic and symbolic in nature, the brand continues to redefine what streetwear can be.



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