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What To Watch This Halloween

23rd October 2020 by H.Simpson

Looking for something to watch this Halloween? Read ahead for some golden oldies and forgotten-about classics!



One of the most famous horror franchises to come out of the 90's and one of the first 'teen horror' formats to be made popular in film was Scream. Recognised by the 'scream face' mask and starring Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, Scream proved so popular that a total of 4 films were made (the 5th is in the pipeline for a 2022 release), each holding the same mystery of who was behind the mask. Each stoyline focus on Sydney, whose life has been disrupted again and again by a masked killer who is determined to ruin her life. A series was later commissioned by Netflix who successfully reworked their magic on the horror series.




A remake of a cult favourite and based on Steven King's classic novel of the same name, IT focuses on a killer clown who terrorises the children of a small town in Maine. The notorious clown named Pennywise uses a symbolic red balloon to entice his victims to their fate. A sequel followed however this was a flop at the box office - probably due to the bad script and the fact the characters were now adults! Despite this, IT pulled in $701.8 million at the box office and became the highest-grossing horror film of all time!



The Others

A hidden gem to watch this Halloween is The Others. Released in 2001 and starring Nicole Kidman as a mother of two, the story focuses on the hauntings inside her new Jersey home following multiple mysterious happenings that are guaranteed to make you jump! A superb ending concludes the film as an unforgettable gem.



The Sixth Sense

'I see dead people' was one of the most recognised film lines of '99 with a plot that had everybody talking. Following the story of a boy who can see and hear dead people and a child psychologist who attempts to help along the way. The classic from M. Night Shyamalan cast Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osmont as leading roles and introduced a twisty, clever storyline that boasted shock factors throughout. If you haven't seen it, go watch!


I Know What You Did Last Summer

If you like your horrors to be easy viewing and slightly cheesy, this teen horror series is for you. Released after the success of the Scream franchise, I Know What You Did Last Summer focused once again on a friendship group being stalked by a hooded killer. Back in the days when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr dominated our screens, this teen flick proved so popular that two sequels were made.



The Amityville Horror

Based on real events, The Amityville Horror details the story of newlyweds who have moved into a house where a mass murder was committed the year before - cue disturbing events and strange manifestations. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr shot and killed six members of his family after hearing voices in the house to do so and the house has been lived in by other families ever since. The film was given a glossy remake in 2005 with Ryan Reynolds leading the cast.


The Craft

Another cult teen horror from the 90's, The Craft re-introduced 'Scream' favourites Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich to co-lead the cast. Witchcraft is the topic of choice and details the story of four high-school teenagers who practice black magic against those who get in their way. Things soon spiral out of control and the twisted sourcery comes to a head. A hidden gem with a great plot from start to finish.



The Conjuring

Another horror based on true events is The Conjuring universe. Based on demonologist couple Ed & Lorraine (who actually investigated The Amityville Horror hauntings) and their experiences dealing with two possessed families. The infamous Annabelle followed which was in fact a prequel showing investigations into the doll prior to The Conjuring.


The Fourth Kind

If alien abduction is your thing, The Fourth Kind is worth a watch. Loosely based on the unsolved disappearances of residents in Nome, Alaska, the film cleverly continues to split the screen to show 'real life archival footage' to create a more jumpy and believable approach. This format as well as the introduction at the beginning of the film led viewers to believe that this footage was authentic, however a quick Google will inform you that this is all part of the film's fictional Sci-Fi design.


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