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Product Focus : Edwin Denim Jacket and How To Layer It....

25th January 2017 | Posted in Menswear by Ben Boughtwood


Over the years the denim jacket seems to have lost its place in a man’s wardrobe and gets overlooked as a style essential. Well, let me assure you that the humble denim jacket is making a comeback and you’d be foolish to bet against it.

The Edwin High Road Denim Jacket is constructed of a premium denim and comes in a Mid Sleet wash. This jacket boasts the classic features of the button fastening on the placket and cuffs, as well as the traditional chest pockets. Its distressed wash means it has a softer feel than unwashed garments and provides a rugged and lived in look from the day you purchase the jacket.

This New Arrival has inspired me to get my own Edwin denim jacket back out of the wardrobe and layer it up in different outfits depending on what the day has in store!

Take a look at these outfits and see if they inspire you….


The “Casual” Look.

I’m sure we’ve all had moments when your getting ready to go and meet friends but don’t know what to wear. You don’t want to seem like you’ve made to much effort, right? This is where your denim jacket can be a saviour.

Try teaming up your denim jacket with a plain tee and full zip hoody for a casual and laid back look, (core colours of black, white, grey and navy work best as they match with pretty much any colour and will form a good starting base for this look). Finish the look with a pair of jeans that contrasts against the jacket and a pair of your favourite trainers for a street-ready outfit, which is quick and easy to put together with most men already having the core items in the wardrobe.



Get the look:


The “Smart Dress Code” Look.

Do you get bored of the same “smart” looks and wish you could add a more casual element to your outfit to mix things up?

Well, you can. Use your denim jacket to layer an otherwise smart and tailored outfit.  Don’t be afraid to mix your smart and casual wardrobe pieces. Simply layer under a mac or overcoat and incorporate a piece of premium knitwear with a crisp white shirt to create a look you may never have thought of. It's said that the shoes say a lot about the man, so invest in a fine pair of hand-crafted shoes for a quality and style that will add the finer touches to your outfit and show that you pay attention to the little details. It will speak volumes, trust me.

This style transitions well as a day into night outfit, we don't always to know what the day may hold, so why not be prepared to enjoy life's unexpected surprises in style, wherever you may end up!


Get the look:


The “Twist Of Heritage” Look.

So, you’ve already invested in a premium jacket and now your thinking that you no longer need its denim sibling. Well, quite frankly, you’re wrong.

As pre-mentioned, layering is a key trait of the denim jacket and that will stand true no matter what jacket you are wearing with it. Use it to add a layer of warm and a quirk of style that will set you apart from the run of the mill outfits.

Wax jackets work well with denim due to the smooth, technical exterior against the ruggedness of lived in denim. Along with the wind and waterproof shield of the jacket itself you create that extra layer of warmth which is always welcome in my book (remember you can always remove layers, but you can't add what you don't have with you!).

Now you just need to finish off the outfit by adding a shirt (check would be my preference) or piece of chunky knitwear, which contrast against the denim but equally compliments the outer jacket. Finish the look with a pair of raw selvedge denim jeans, give them a neat 1 Inch turn up (remember the details!) and a rugged pair of boots that will stand up to the elements and you are all set to go.

This outfit has tonnes of heritage appeal but maintains its own modern twist.

Personally, this is one of my favourite ways to layer my own denim jacket to create an "outdoorsy" feel that looks great.


Get the look:


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