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9th July 2013 | Posted in Menswear by H. Simpson
You're either a watch person or you're not, whether you like a plain and simple face, large dial, multiple hands or a large piece of stainless steel there really are so many to choose from. This season its all about the rubber watch or the giant oversized metal watch. Both on complete opposite ends of the spectrum and both unique in design. Whether its colour, price or brand, read on to see what the smartest watches are out there right now.

Bright Colours

Bright, bold colours continue to be big this season. Nixon have a great range in all sorts of colours, in particular the rubber range. Rubber straps are an advantage for a number of reasons. The first being durability because of the resilience of rubber. You can't scratch it and its flexible and more water resistant and then there's comfort. The soft texture of rubber eases comfort of the wrist instead of a piece of bulky heavy metal. The links won't break as there aren't any and you won't need to go get links taken out in terms of fitness. People are even getting rubber bands for their Rolex's! This however, may not be your cup of tea though, and you may prefer the masculine touch of the classic stainless steel watch. As well as their bright sunglasses range, Lacoste have a range of bright white watches to choose from. This La Bor watch has a plastic face yet the straps are rubber giving it a modern approach.
Lacoste Watch La Bor

La Bor Watch by Lacoste

This watch really stands out due to the fluorescent neon colour. The face is nice and simple with no numbers, just precise markings. Nixon have created The Time Teller in 32 different colours but this is one of my favourites.
Nixon Time Teller P Watch

Time Teller P Watch by Nixon

Whats unique about this watch is the rotating bezel to change the mode from either time, stopwatch or timer. The simplicity of the watch is kept within the face using a digital mode and not a clock face. The other unique concept about this is the 'magic 8 ball' feature. Yes this is the old Mattel toy that you ask a a question to and when shaken, a random answer is displayed on the screen.
Nixon Genie Sky Blue Watch

Genie Sky Blue Watch by Nixon

£60 and Under

Not all watches are expensive, have a look at these three, all £60 and under. What I love about this rubber Nixon watch is the retro feel it has. the 80's style has come back with a bang and a twist- a rubber, bright coloured version. So even though the watch is a style from the past, it has now been made into the current present time. This is taking the retro look and turning it into something modern and 21st century by giving it an update.

Rubber Re-Run Watch in Purple by Nixon

This watch has an expensive look to it. The blue face compliments the stainless steel exterior without being too heavy. The watch offers a light over the face in times of darkness- handy!
Nixon The Blue Venture

The Blue Venture by Nixon

What I like most about this Lacoste watch is the contrasting bezel against the backdrop of grey. Once again the face is plastic and straps are rubber, easing comfort on the wrist.
Lacoste Goa Grey Watch

Goa Watch in Grey by Lacoste

The Best: The Nixon 51-30

Investing in a classic timepiece is definitely worth the money. The watch will never lose value or go out of fashion and its always going to be a respected brand. If you fancy treating yourself to a high quality watch, here are three of the most expensive we have to offer. The Nixon 51-30 watches are the best quality ones we have. This all black watch distinguishes itself away from the rest. The chunky stainless steel watch has a rotating bezel with countdown timer. You can even surf and snorkel with the watch due to the 300m water resistance.
Nixon The 51-30

The 51-30 Chrono All Black by Nixon

If you like the above watch but decided you want a rubber version then this is a great alternative.
Nixon Rubber 51-30 Watch

Rubber 51-30 Watch by Nixon

This version offers a slightly different take on the 51-30 with a PU strap instead of a rubber or stainless steel.
Nixon 51-30 Matte Black Surplus

51-30 PU Matte Black Surplus by Nixon


The Black Rubber Player offers an expensive twist to the standard rubber Nixon watches. The tiny diamond in the watch face is the cherry on the top for this watch. Its this added detail that enables the simplicity and class. The only colour added to this straight forward face is the third hand which is all this face needs.
Nixon The Black Rubber Player

The Black Rubber Player by Nixon

The leather strap on this watch gives it an authentic feel. Though its a statement watch, it gives off a casual feel yet still sophisticated with the silver bezel contrast.
Lacoste Montreal

Montreal 2010618 by Lacoste

The contrasting colours on this are what make the watch unique. On trend, with the bright use of colours, the watch certainly stands out in a good way. Keeping the face simple so as not to distract the attention away from the colour scheme, the watch is striking and modern.
Lacoste Goa Black Green Watch

Goa Black Green Watch by Lacoste

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