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Brand Guide: Billionaire Boys Club

20th August 2014 by Ryan Gray


As one of the most iconic and infamous labels to hit the urban street wear scene over the past decade, Billionaire Boys Club has provided a turning point for a genre of style that has always stood for individuality, vibrancy and above all, representation.

Inspiration for the brand came as a result of Pharrell Williams watching “The Billionaire Boys Club”, a film which followed the real life exploits of a young group of socialites who ran a Ponzi scheme to scam enough money to fund their lavish lifestyles. However, once the group ran out of money, they started killing for it.

Thanks to his position as one of the world’s leading artists and producers, it’s no secret that Pharrell hasn’t really had to go to such extreme lengths to fund his lifestyle- and with this in mind, he decided to use the name of the film to brand his own label. Pharrell wanted to use Billionaire Boys Club to purvey a sense of exclusive luxury in a positive light- aiming to show that wealth is achievable not through numbers, but through the heart and mind.

It was this very idea that lead to Billionaire Boys Club being founded in 2005. Established through a partnership which has grown to become a formidable creative force, the first in this now infamous pairing was Nigo; the Japanese premium street wear designer who was responsible for the creation of one of street wear’s most iconic and coveted labels, BAPE (Mr Bathing Ape). Nigo entered into a partnership with musician and visionary Pharrell Williams, who at the time was performing as one half of the Neptunes. Pharrell carried a lot of clout in the hip-hop scene, and together, the pair’s blend of experiences in two of the most influential areas of modern culture resulted in the realization of Pharrell’s vision for Billionaire Boys Club.

The brand was focused solely on street wear- the movement had undergone a huge era of growth and gained a mass following, giving it an almost cult like appeal.
Billionaire Boys Club found its home in the diverse melting pot of influences for urban styling, bringing with it a niche approach to the style that had all the right ingredients to make it an instant hit.
The brands initial origins from two champions of their own crafts gave it an almost immediate reputation- but it was the details of their creations that made it truly unique.
Billionaire Boys Club was, and still is, produced in limited numbers. This has made the label a coveted chalice to street wear aficionados and activists alike, who thrive off the exclusive nature of the labels designs.

From collaborations with other creatives, to limited edition lines, Billionaire Boys Club has built itself a reputation as one of the leading premium street wear brands thanks to its commitment to remaining a niche, prestigious label.

With bold branding and a unique astronaut logo, which was influenced by Pharrell’s love for space, Billionaire Boys Club takes all the basic principles of street wear style and elevates them to a higher ground.

With Billionaire Boys Club t-shirts being one of the most popular choices from this niche brand, a true feel of quality is assured that wholly endorses both Pharrell’s and Nigo’s commitment to representing their label as a staple style in premium urban styling.



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